Sunday, July 26, 2009


I consider myself a terrible writer. Part of the reason I began this blog was the possibly misguided hope that forcing myself to write more frequently would improve my ability to communicate. It may be that I'm too hard on myself, but the process of writing is something I continue to find more tedious than joyful. I am hoping that in time, and with practice, that can change.

I do respect those however who have a talent for writing and can somehow find joy in the writing process itself. The well-chosen language we hear or read from someone else can have a profound impact on how we may then think about a given topic. A good command of language helps to frame thought.

Well-chosen language can be used against us, as marketers and politicians have known for ages. But I prefer today to think of the positive inspiration that can come from a well-written book or article. So, with an eye for improvement in vocabulary, my discovery for the day is the web site

I think I became a fan when I read the definition for intexticated.


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